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About Vania

Vania Dimitian is a born seeker. A seeker of the keys to ultimate and lasting happiness and success. A seeker of what is the real meaning and purpose of life. Throughout her own journey in life and through the hardships she has faced she has come to realize one very important factor to a truly happy and successful life: Self-love is key.

Without a healthy dose of self-love one is doomed to go through life making one bad choice after another. As Vania puts it in her own words: “When I went from self-loathing to self-loving coupled with the awesome power of the law of attraction my entire life changed dramatically for the better. It was only then that I started making good choices for myself that led to amazing results. It also led me to my big Aha! moment where I finally realized that it was my purpose in life to guide others on their own journey to self-love through life coaching.”

Vania is dedicated to helping and serving those- particularly women- who are having difficulty realizing that they too deserve self-love or who just don’t know how to go about achieving self-love. Using her training as a law of attraction coach she will help you discover just how important self-love is, how NO MATTER who you are or what you’ve experienced you absolutely need and deserve to love yourself, and how to use the power of the law attraction with self-love to attract and manifest the life of your dreams.

“I cannot wait to take this journey with you! You are a magnificent being deserving of everything good life has to offer. Until we connect…all my love!”

-Coach Vania

If you are interested in working one-on-one with Coach Vania she currently offers three and six month coaching packages. Here are just some of the benefits you will gain by working with her:

-A greater sense of inner peace and self-love

-Highly effective and easy to implement processes that will raise your vibration

-A stronger connection to your intuition (which ALWAYS guides you in the right direction)

-Clarity on your life purpose

-Easy and effective tools that will allow you to attract and manifest your deepest desires

And so much more!!

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