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3 Ways to Get Happy Now!

A short while ago I joined a weight loss program to lose about 30 extra pounds that I’ve been carrying around for the last few years- stay tuned for my upcoming success story 😉 As part of the program you get what are called “booster shots” which are full of mood-boosting, energy revving B-vitamins. This blog post was inspired by those shots; consider it your vibrational “booster shot” full of energy raising happiness tips! Let’s get to tip #1:

Speak only kind words to yourself and others

Give a compliment (to yourself as well as someone else); tell someone you love how much you appreciate them- right now; tell yourself that you deserve a great life- follow it up with an action that backs this up such as treating yourself to a fancier than usual lunch; just make sure that whatever words you are using toward yourself and others are kind. Don’t dismiss this for it’s obvious simplicity and ease- your words matter and are VERY powerful.

Get up, do a fish face, and hop on one leg backwards (but don’t injur yourself!)

No I haven’t lost my mind- you read that right. As adults many times we forget to be something that we fully encourage and enjoy watching children be: silly. Be silly! Stop doing whatever is so super serious that you MUST tend to and be silly- now! We really take life too seriously and need to be reminded that it (mostly) really is not all that serious. Being silly from time to time will remind you of this and instantly make you feel better.

Focus on what’s going RIGHT in your life

I know I’ve said this before but before you accuse me of recycling old material I must say that this one is SO VERY IMPORTANT AND CANNOT BE OVERSTATED!! If you truly want a happy and successful life this one is a must and must be done consistently and persistently. So right now say out loud or to yourself- write it down if you can- three things that are going right in your life; I don’t care if one of them is “the milk in the fridge has two days before it turns sour”. Then yay for not yet sour milk! Anything that is good in your life, no matter how small, counts. So get to it!

And there you have it lovely people- 3 vibrational “booster shots” that will instantly lift your energy. Do them whenever you can and as often as you can. Happy manifesting and always remember…you are magnificent!

2 comments to 3 Ways to Get Happy Now!

  • Arpi Charkoudin

    Hello Lovely and Adorable Vania,
    You did it again, this article made me laugh and made me think of those three good things that I have in my life. So true about acting silly from time to time. I just have to remember……..Excellent article, keep inspiring us.


  • Thank you lovely Arpi- your opinions and words of encouragement are much appreciated and mean a LOT! 🙂

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