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Be Careful What Follows “I am…”

“Ugh, I am such an idiot!” “I am so incompetent!” “Why can’t I be smart like my sister? I am so stupid!”

We’ve all made these kinds of comments about ourselves at one time or another but while statements like these may seem relatively harmless they can do more damage than you think.

Anything that follows “I am”-especially repetitive statements-MUST be positive words. “I am” is a declaration to the Universe that “this is what I am, therefore please send me more experiences that match this”. For example, “I am depressed” is the same thing as “I like being depressed. Please send me more experiences that will depress me”. And the universe ALWAYS delivers.

If you prefer a more logical explanation how about this: 96% of your actions are controlled by your subconscious mind and every time you repeat the same “I am” statement over and over again you reinforce it on your subconscious and it will play out in your life.

So from now on make it an absolute rule that whatever follows “I am” will ONLY be positive words such as “I am so happy” or “I am very healthy”. Pick one or two statements or affirmations that really resonate with you and repeat them all the time. Even if they’re not true now the more you repeat them, the more you will believe them, and the more they will become your life. So if you’re single and wanting to meet the right person say over and over again “I am now meeting my ideal partner and we are enjoying the best relationship”.

Try it for yourself; for the next 40 days pick an affirmation or mantra and resolve to say it all day everyday (or as often as possible and with feeling!). You will be amazed at what happens. As always feel free to leave a comment and until next time just remember…you are magnificent!

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