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I Already Have It!

Hello all you lovely law of attraction masters! I’m feeling pretty good right now so naturally I wanted to share the love and keep it going! 🙂 Why do I feel so good you ask? Because I’m alive, because I can see, because I can taste, because I can walk and move about freely! No I didn’t win the lottery and no I am not drunk. I’m just happy to be here, now. I already have all I need which is what today’s post is all about: you already have what you want.

This is one of the most important yet most difficult (in my opinion) aspects of law of attraction- acting and FEELING as if you already have what you want even if it is not yet here in the physical sense. So often we are told “get real” or “face reality” and to that I say if your current reality is exactly the way you want it to be then by all means keep facing reality. But if your current reality is not the way you want it to be- i.e. you have difficulty paying your bills, your health is not the best, etc.- then I would tell you-no ENCOURAGE you- to stop facing reality as is and start focusing on your ideal, preferred reality. Turn “I can’t pay my bills” into “I can easily and effortlessly pay all my bills” and completely focus on the feelings of being able to pay all your bills easily and effortlessly. How would that feel? Wonderful? Amazing? Would it bring about peace? Keep focusing on those feelings as much as possible and with some time your reality WILL change to match those feelings. Just do the best you can with your current circumstances and then focus the rest of your attention on your ideal reality. Magical things are going to happen so get excited! Let me know how it goes and until next time just remember…you are magnificent!

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