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The Easiest Manifesting Process Ever!

There are so many amazing processes and techniques to manifest whatever your heart desires. In this blog post I want to share with you what I feel is the easiest manifesting process ever! So without further ado let’s get to it:

1) Decide what it is you want: simple, but not always easy I know. Here is my advice to those of you who are confused about what you really do want; ask yourself “what is it that I DON’T want?” This is an easy way to clarify whatever you do really want because what you want is the direct opposite of what you don’t want. So “I don’t want to be single” turns into “I want to be in a healthy, happy relationship with the right person.” Do this with all your desires and you will clearly know what you really do want.

2) Feel good now! We are vibrational beings emitting our vibes all the time through our emotions. What this means is if you want to attract good you have to feel good FIRST. I know we have all been placed on the “achieve-first-then-feel-good” treadmill but we have it all WRONG. It should be “feel-good-NOW-then-what-you-want-will-be-attracted-to-you”. So find a way, ANY way (except for drugs and alcohol that is) to feel good now.

3) Detach: this one tends to be by far the most difficult part for most people- definitely for me! Detach, let go, know that what you want is on the way; easier said than done I know. Whenever you get caught up in “where is it/he/she?!” thinking, stop yourself immediately and replace it “I KNOW that what I want is on its way to me and I don’t want to delay the divine process that is taking place with my negative emotions. I have what I want-it is done, thank you universe (God, all that is, etc)” This will instantly put you back into a higher vibrations which is where you want to be.

So that’s it; the easiest manifesting process ever! Try this process out and let me know your results. And just remember…you are magnificent!

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