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How Loving Yourself More Activates The Law of Attraction

Loving yourself more is one of the easiest and, in my opinion, the best way to activate the law of attraction. When you are showing yourself genuine self-love the universe CAN’T HELP but bring you all that you really desire. Your dominant vibrations (i.e. the emotions you are feeling most of the time) are direct signals to the universe that clearly state you want more situations, circumstances, and people to come into your life that reflect those vibrations. What better way to ensure that you are manifesting and attracting good things to you then by constantly activating the vibration of love within you? Here are five ways to do just that:

1) Schedule in some “me” time

One of the best ways to show yourself more love is to, well, show yourself more love! Go get that mani/pedi you’ve been putting off, take yourself out to dinner and a movie, buy yourself something nice that you normally wouldn’t (as long as it’s affordable), get your hair done, etc. Whatever it is that you really love and enjoy doing go do it NOW. Doing things that you enjoy tells the universe “I love enjoying life; please send me more things I can enjoy!”

2) Get physical!

Go to the gym, go to a yoga class, or just plain old go for a walk- just get physical! Get yourself moving. I’ll admit this one has taken me a long time to finally get (I used to think I must be allergic to exercise! =) but getting some exercise is one the best ways to love yourself- even if it doesn’t feel like that during! It tells the universe “I care about myself and my health; I deserve to be healthy!” So go get moving!

3) Start a gratitude journal

Whether you are a law of attraction expert or novice, you have most definitely heard that gratitude is a big key in getting law of attraction to work for you. The state of gratitude is one of the highest vibrational states you can be in. Go get a notebook- it can be as fancy or as plain as you’d like- and write down 5-10 things a day you are grateful for. They don’t necessarily need to be big things, just anything at all that makes you feel grateful. An attitude of gratitude tells the universe “I am so grateful for my life; please send me more things to be grateful for! Thank you!”

4) Spend QUALITY time with loved ones

Notice how I wrote quality all in caps; this is because too often we get together with friends and family and start complaining about all the things wrong in our lives and the lives of others. This is a WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY!! From now on make it a point to get together with others and ONLY or at least mostly talk about what is going RIGHT with you and your life. Encourage them to do the same. If a friend is having issues of some sort instead allowing them to wallow in their negativity try and help them find a solution instead and spin a more positive perspective on the situation. If they just refuse to go along and want to do nothing but complain listen to them for a short while but do not get caught up in their energy. As one of my favorite book titles states “Your Word is Your Wand” (by Florence Scovel Shinn) so use your wand wisely! Speaking only of things going right in your life tells the universe “I am so happy with my life the way it is! Please send me more things to be happy about!”

5) Meditate

I know, I know, I used this one in an earlier post but there just isn’t enough good things to be said about meditation. It calms you mind, body, and spirit; it allows you to think more clearly and focus better; it lowers blood pressure….on and on I could go about the benefits of meditation. Spending time in silence allows you to access higher realms of consciousness that the hyperactive mind cannot. Meditating tells the universe “I am calm and serene; I allow you the universe to bring me my highest good”

And there you have it! Five sure-fire ways to love yourself more. Now go get to it! And as usual leave me a comment about all your amazing manifestations and/or questions/concerns. Until next time just remember…you are magnificent!

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