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Three Ways to Love Yourself More

So often as women we are taught that in order to be lovable we have to look and/ or act in certain ways. Some examples that immediately come to mind are: being thin, dressing in sexy or sophisticated ways, being demure, making sure our hair and makeup look perfect, and, what is probably the most common way women try to be more lovable, always putting the needs and wants of everyone else before our own. While there is nothing wrong with improving your image or taking care of others- to a certain extent they’re both good and necessary- more often than not these are just ways of gaining the approval of others rather than pure and true ways of loving ourselves.

So just what are some ways of loving yourself, purely and truthfully? Here are three ways of showing yourself genuine, WELL-DESERVED, self-love:

1) Accepting yourself, right here and now, EXACTLY as you are.

This is one of the purest forms of self-love because it gives you something that no one and nothing outside of you can give: the freedom to be your authentic self at all times regardless of the approval of others. Right now I want you to look yourself in the mirror and say out loud, with total conviction and confidence: “I am whole and perfect as I am right now. The only approval that matters is my own. I approve of and accept myself joyfully and completely”. When you accept yourself as you are in the present moment you also accept all others as they are as well which leads to true freedom and love for all.

2) Meditate

Meditation allows you access to your Higher Self and your Higher Self is never in doubt of your lovability. As a matter of a fact, He or She (or They) knows that you came from pure love and will remain as pure love eternally. Unfortunately, throughout our entire lives our egos will try to convince us that we are not deserving of love due to so- called faulty personality traits and characteristics. This is simply not true and your Higher Self knows this.

So just how do you meditate? It’s simple really. Not necessarily easy though. Sit (or lie down if you can’t sit as long as you don’t fall asleep) in a comfortable position, back straight, and with your feet planted on the ground. Close your eyes and start taking deep breaths. Concentrate on your breathing. When thoughts come- and they will especially in the beginning- just gently bring your attention back to your breathing. Don’t fight with the thoughts, just gently keep bringing your focus back to your breathing in the present moment. Do this for as long as you can; just five minutes a day to start with is still highly beneficial. Gradually move up to 20-30 minutes at least a few times a week. The benefits you will gain through meditation are almost endless so get to it! 🙂

3) Take an Affirmations Power Walk

This is one of my personal favorites! Take an affirmations power walk either by yourself or with a friend or two. What exactly is an affirmations power walk? It’s a walk you take, usually about half an hour but any amount works, where you’re walking a brisk pace and saying powerful affirmations either out loud or to yourself. It’s a great way of getting physical AND mental/emotional exercise. One of my personal favorites is “I am happy and successful in all areas of my life”. It’s short, sweet, and covers everything. I highly suggest making your own- ones that really resonate with you- but just make sure to keep them short, positive, and in the present moment (e.g. “I am a multi-millionaire” or “I am 130 pounds” not “I will…” or “I am not…”) I dare you to go on an affirmations power walk and NOT feel energized and happier afterward! It’s pretty close to impossible!

So there you have it- three ways to genuinely love yourself. I hope you have found this blog post to be inspirational and/or motivational in some way. Please feel free to leave a comment or question below. And until next time just remember you are magnificent!

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